Summary Description

Summary Description

The perfect cross trainer for “steam” & glass avionics


1977 Cessna 172N; O-320 Lyc; TTAF: 6000; TSMOH: 100 hours; ALL GLASS AVIONICS (NEW); ALL GLASS ENGINE MONITOR (NEW) Always Hangered, interior and paint 7-8.


Lycoming O-320H2AD 160 hp; (100 hrs – compression in 70’s).
Powerflow tuned exhaust; Challenger low restriction intake; new carb heat box. NEY NOZZLES & THRU-BORE CYLINDERS +.010”; AIRWOLF remote oil filter; Plane Power Alternator; Skytek HI-Tork starter

Avionics: GLASS PANEL:

Aspen 1000 PFD w/synthetic vision; 3 radios: Garmin 430W GPS/COM w/traffic alerts, Garmin 250XL GPS/COM and King 170B/209 NAV/COM w/glideslope. Garmin GTX 330 Mode S transponder. King 24H audio panel with MB & 4 place intercom. ARC ADF. TOTAL IFR certified for precision VO OTHER INSTRUMENTS: backup vacuum gauge for AI; T/B, ALT & airspeed (three altitude & airspeed gauges: the ASPEN, the EI MVP-50P, and the ‘steam’ gauge) R/GPS approaches.
Control Panel

1999 paint in good shape, no hazing; cloth interior 7; plastic 8; ALWAYS HANGERED!
Modifications: E.I. MVP-50P engine monitor (ELECTRONIC & ALL GLASS): EGT/CHT all cylinders; fuel totalizer; fuel/time remaining; manifold press; RPM; % horsepower, OAT, Oil Temp/press, carb inlet temp, weight & balance; shock cooling, pressure altitude, indicated airspeed, checklists, (much more). PowerFlow tuned exhaust (+20 hp); Challenger low restriction intake; new carb airbox; Skytech high torque lightweight starter, new vacuum system. Mags rebuilt.


VORTEX GENERATORS on wing and tail surfaces; Rosen Visors; vending machine ’round’ door and baggage door locks; oil cooling vent; wheel fairings all wheels; Cleveland brakes; strobes; LED LANDING LIGHT (duty cycle 5000 HR)!; CorrosionX airframe treatment; Gregoire leather wrapped yoke with PTT for pilot & co-pilot; Re-Rigged in 2011 – perfect balance; LORD Shimmy dampener.